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Two Drop Twice Daily

an emotional and comic meeting between a body and its soul

Choreography: Kelly Ayache

Performers: Ayelet Bessor & Kelly Ayache

Dramaturgie: Naltaly Tzukerman

Musician & Composer: Guy Avital

Costume Designer: Elinohar Binshtok

Singer: Nofar Oved

Rehearsals director: Zohar Shimoni & Dana Shoval

One woman is splitted into two characters,
one is her body and the other her spirit

We are exposed to a crisis that leads to a struggle between the two characters. Instead of communicating together, and worry to each other, they are chasing one another. The body argues the spirit, the spirit ignores the body, they are hiding, blaming and hushing each other. So many frustration in one woman. She needs a way to get ahead. She decides to go and treat herself. first she goes to to the psychologist Yonina, who mainly nods, so she tries a meditative treatment that is mostly silent. the body and the spirit still look for the answer to their frustration, which is actually within them.

It’s a sensitive work with pinches of humor presented in 4 acts, which spans a process of inner confused shifts, between thoughts and feelings, brain and heart, and helps us understanding the balance between our body and mind.


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