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Le terme “BiZarre” a un sense dans plusieurs langues et signifie aussi bien etrange qu’etre etranger

The Greatest people

Kelly ayache

France, 1987

Dancer, CHoreographer, performer, actress, dubbing/voice over

Born In Paris, raised in Israel. Trained at 


founded “Bizarre Troupe” in 2012, as Choreographer and dancer

shiri Globerson

Israel, 1986

Dancer, Circus performer and Fly yoga Instructor

Born and raised in Kibbutz Shefaim in Israel. Trained at Sandsiel Circus school. She has developed her own movement approach that combines the fields of circus and dance, clowning and acting, movement and acrobatics.

In 2021, was certificates as a Fly yoga Instructor from Lena Shor school. She danced in several projects as Michal Meg, Noa Shabtay & Ortal Shlush and different theater or cinema projects.


In 2022, Joined “Bizarre Troupe” as a dancer and circus performer

Lila Rougier

Israel, 1994

Dancer, choreographer, performer and Pinist

Originally from Paris and based in Tel Aviv. grew up in a very artistic environment such as: piano, singing, martial arts with judo and ju-jitsu, as well as dance.

She specializes in jazz dance and continued her studies until she received the Higher National Diploma of Dancer (DNSPD) and a degree in arts from the Upper Pole of Paris.

Her first piece achieved her prize (final test) and commissioned by the Orange Foundation for an event chaired by Emmanuel Macron in 2015.


In 2022, she Joined “Bizarre Troupe” as a dancer, performer and rehearsal manager.

Ayelet Bessor

Israel, 1991

Dancer, Yoga, Pilates and Fly instructor

Graduated from Emeq Harod high school, majoring in dance.

In 2012, was trained at “Seminar Hakibutzim” dance training and joined Vertigo’s dancers training for 2 more years.

Danced at ‘the power of balance’ project by Hai Cohen and Tali Wertheim and danced as an apprentice at Nadin Animato dance company.

In 2015, was certificated as a Pilates Instructor from the PSC school and as a Fly (Aerial exercises), at 2018 graduated Yoga’s instructors training. Dancing at Dana Marcus Dance Company. In 2017, Joined “Bizarre Troupe” of Kelly Ayache as a dancer.

Zohar Shimoni

Israel, 1992

Dancer, rehearsal and performance director, dance teacher and therapist.

Gratuated “Ostrovsky” high school, majoring in Dance. Graduated dance training workshop of “Gaaton” directed by Einav Levy and Yaniv Abraham.

Holds a teaching diploma from Wingate Institute. ​Danced with various Israeli choreographers from “gaaton’s” project and performed at “Silk road” Festival with her own piece, in collaboration with the pianist Assaf Fire. 

 In 2016, Joined “Bizarre Troupe” of Kelly Ayache as a dancer & rehearsals director & performance director.

Zohar Lioz Aviv

Israel, 1984

Musician, composer, music teacher.

Musician, composer and music teacher (piano and guitar). Graduated “Rimon” High Music School in Ramat Hasharon. Learning today with Amir Fidorobitz, Piano teacher.

Zohar performed with original material written by and composed, he participated in productions of dance and theater, wrote music for filmsand  participated in festivals around the world. In 2017 created “The Chuckberries” groupe, a rock’n’roll music troupe, in which he is the singer, pianist and guitarist accompanier.

Composed a variety of musics to Bizarre Troupe

Dana Marcus

Israel, 1991

Dancer, rehearsal director and pilates instructor.

Graduated the dance department of “Herzog” high school majoring in dance. was trained at Dance Workshop of “Ga’aton” and in the “Vertigo dance training program” of Vertigo Dance Company.

Certificated of Pilates instruction by the multidisciplinary center of complementary medicine “Point Of Contact” in Jerusalem. As a dancer participated in the Swedish artist Seline Baumgartner project, and danced her piece “Time to lose” Danced in the production “Romeo and Juliet”of the Israeli opera, in the piece NIDO/RIZOMA of the choreographer Sharon Fridman (Oeral Festival – Holland), Abigail Ilan and Sally anne friedlander dance company.

in  2016 joined “Bizarre troupe” of Kelly Ayache as a dancer and rehearsals director..An

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