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"Vitrine" is a collection of comic performative scenes, criticizing the outward appearance of our society.

Choreography: Kelly Ayache

Performers: Stav Bar Nahum, Nofar Oved, Arnon Rosenthal, Kelly Ayache.

Dramaturge: Maya Levy & Anando Mars

Costume Designer: Elinohar Binshtok

This is a piece for four characters that appears for short scenes, as spotlight on familiar situations from everybody’s life.

“Vitrine”, as its name implies in French, is a Window shop, and reviews the external and appearance of beings through a glass. It uses universal situations, habitual for

each person in her ordinary life, in order to create closeness and solidarity, but yet, in a separate and alienated, through a “Vitrine”.

The performative language is a mix of dance, performance, mime and physical theater. The body creates imaginary movements and situations that seem very real to the audience.

"Vitrine" is a comic show that tries to convey its message in a subtle and light way. It can be a "one-piece" presentation, on a conventional stage in front of a front-end audience, or - as separate scenes in different places.